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Jackie Keller | Adult ADHD Coach

Who We Are

Adult ADHD Coaching is the official website for the Keller Group. We are a group of professional counsellors and certified coaches providing services for adults that are dealing with ADHD all over the world. Our program is designed to  enable and motivate clients with behavioral type therapy and counselling. We work with them to remove roadblocks and practice strategies that complement the ADHD brain instead of working against it.

Meet the founder!

The Keller Group was recently founded in 2021 by Jacquie Keller, a long time business strategist and coach. Through workshops, speaking engagements, and corporate trainings she has touched the lives of over ten thousand people worldwide. After 30 years in the field, having authored two books on business leadership, she began pioneering a modified behavioral therapy strength perspective that gets results at the individual level. This is the foundation of our Adult ADHD Coaching methods.

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A Global Team

We are a global team serving a global client base. Our ADHD Coaches work remotely all over the world and come from diverse backgrounds with elements of business management, social work, psychology, education and some specialized industry experience. We make every effort to connect with our clients and fully understand what they are dealing with, and how they feel about it. We create authentic relationships which enable us to help you, our clients, on a personal level.