ADHD Test for Adults

Do I Have ADHD?

As we learn more about mental health globally, we have more adults asking the question “Do I have ADHD?”. Maybe what you once though were personality quarks are actually signs that your brain just works differently. Maybe some of the challenges you face at home or at work are actually symptoms that can be treated. You have come here to find out! We hope we can help you get some answers.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Often times, when we are asking “Do I have ADHD?”, we are really hoping to learn how we can deal with the symptoms of ADHD that might be holding us back. The good news is that there are treatments. The first step is identifying the symptoms you are dealing with and how they are affecting you in different areas of life. As ADHD Coaches, this is something that we can help with.


Many adults have experienced some of the behaviors and thought patterns associated with ADHD throughout their lives. If you have been dealing with multiple symptoms, that have persisted over time, then you may actually have ADHD. For a medical diagnosis you will have to work with a healthcare professional. We have a self-assessment tool that includes some of the common criteria to help you get an idea of what to look for.

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ADHD Self Assessment

Adult ADHD is manifested through different symptom combinations for different people. We'll go through some commonly used questions with you to help you get a better idea of your situation. Can we start by getting your first name?

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When Should I Get Help?

If ADHD is holding you back, there are things you can start doing today to remove roadblocks and develop behaviors that work with ADHD instead of against it. It is never too early to get help. An ADHD Coach will work with you on an individual level, providing you with a toolset tailored to your unique ADHD brain. There is no better time than now to book a free coaching session to see what we can do for you.