Treating ADHD

Treating adult ADHD

ADHD Help for Adults

If you were diagnosed with ADHD as a child, you may already be aware of how your brain works and some strategies to work with your ADHD instead of against it. If you are like the majority of AHDH adults in the modern world, then you probably didn’t get diagnosed, and there may not have been any help dealing with ADHD symptoms. So, what did you do? You adapted… you compartmentalized your emotions and you found ways to temporarily relieve some stress amidst the turmoil of your life. You continued to use your go-to methods to self-medicate and get you through the day. Maybe it worked for a while…. maybe it is still working, but you don’t have to be so hard on yourself anymore. There are easier ways.

Don’t wait to get help!

Adults often start seeking help with ADHD when things aren’t going so well. If you notice any of the following warning signs in your life, don’t hesitate to seek help. If you are ready to learn how to work with your ADHD, or if you have questions about where to start, our ADHD coaching team is happy to provide some guidance and resources.

Watch for these signs:

  • Are you forgetting appointments?
  • Have you been missing deadlines?
  • Do you do things that you regret when you lose your temper?
  • Do you plan your day around doing things meant just to keep you in a good mood?
  • Has it been taking a long time to get back on track once you’ve been distracted?
  • Are you personal relationships suffering lately?
  • Is poor performance at work hurting your prospects?

Trying to Cure ADHD

If you were hoping there is a cure for ADHD, then I have some bad news. This isn’t something that will ever go away. So, since we can’t cure ADHD, we focus on making it work for us. Instead of self-medicating to try and make our brains work the same as everyone else, we can practice strategies that help us avoid roadblocks and get things done. Can we cure ADHD? No… Can you do way more with what you have? Absolutely! You can enjoy that part of the day when you have to work, you can get everything done on time, you can feel good about yourself and your performance, and you can manage your relationships while staying totally calm.

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Strategies for ADHD

Get working with an expert ADHD coach today. Working with your doctor if you require medication and working with a coach are the top 2 strategies for getting  “in charge” of your ADHD. Recognize that you had ADHD when you were born and you will have it all of your life.  Coaching fast tracks your ability to run your Mind and Life rather than your ADHD running your life as it has been doing for many year.  And coaching gets you the tools so that you can accomplish the big goals and big life that you really want.  

Treatment for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD should always be assessed at an individual level. Treatments that work for someone you know won’t necessarily work for you. Both medication, behavioral therapies and other current therapy models have often been effective to help individuals manage the effects of the symptoms experienced by individuals with  Adult ADHD. As coaches, we focus on behavioral therapy and counselling. If any medications are required they should be obtained by prescription from a licensed physician.